Face Masks

Funnani is the supplier of various facial mask types i.e. FFP1 / FFP2, KN 95, Three Ply Medical Masks and to Washable type masks.

Specimen Bags

Adopted in the Pathology Industry for the transport of biological specimens and/or samples, these bags have a Zipper bag and a separate document bag, pouch or sleeve to separate the patients details for ease of reference.

Alcohol swobs & pads

An antiseptic skin cleanser used in the medical/pathology industry.


Funnani is the supplier of various cover all types i.e. type 5 / 6 and too ‘non-woven’ disposable types.

Goggles & Shields

Funnani is the supplier of various medical and non-medical goggles and face shields types.

Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Thermometers – Infrared

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