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With an extensive knowledge and a solid track record built over the past 16 years, Funnani has managed to grow organically by ensuring a set of fundamental principles in sustainable, practical and cost effected solutions for every need.

Whether it is to further enhance, assist the corporate identity of an entity or to assist in obtaining necessary medical supplies, the Funnani team is committed to unhindered support through a detailed deliverable model.

Through our organic growth, we are pleased to highlight our diverse clientele such as privately owned multinational corporations, government SOEs and foreign owned entities.

Our commitment to BBBEE and women empowerment is unending and we strive on a yearly basis to ensure successful yields in this field. We proudly possess a Level Four BBBEE certificate with a 100% female management staff compliment.

Funnani are currently agents for specific medical supplies for the Covidian/Medtronic Group and HD, LD and BOPP flexible plastic packaging.

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No. 26 Sirius Road, Fishers Hill, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa

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